Kcet 2024 Preparation Chapter Wise Weightage

Know the details about Kcet 2024 Preparation Chapter Wise Weightage, Kcet 2024 preparation strategies, and Kcet exam 2024 full syllabus details

KCET 2024: Chapter Wise Weightage, Exam Details, and Preparation Strategies

For admission to various undergraduate courses in the state, the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) administers the highly competitive Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET). KCET 2024 is just around the corner, and aspiring candidates need to be well-prepared. In this blog post, we will discuss the chapter-wise weightage, exam details, and effective preparation strategies for Kcet 2024 Preparation Chapter Wise Weightage

Kcet 2024 Preparation Chapter Wise Weightage

Chapter Wise Weightage

Understanding the chapter-wise weightage is crucial for effective preparation. While the weightage may vary slightly each year, having an idea of the important topics can help you prioritize your study plan. Here are the subject-wise chapter weightage details for KCET 2024:


  • Mechanics: 20%
  • Heat and Thermodynamics: 10%
  • Electrostatics and Magnetism: 20%
  • Optics: 10%
  • Modern Physics: 10%
  • Electromagnetic Waves: 10%
  • Electronic Devices: 10%
  • Communication Systems: 10%


  • Physical Chemistry: 25%
  • Inorganic Chemistry: 30%
  • Organic Chemistry: 45%


  • Diversity in the Living World: 10%
  • Structural Organization in Plants and Animals: 20%
  • Cell Structure and Function: 15%
  • Plant Physiology: 15%
  • Human Physiology: 20%
  • Genetics and Evolution: 20%

KCET Exam 2024 Details

KCET 2024 will consist of four papers: physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology. Each paper will have a duration of 80 minutes, and each question will carry one mark. The exam will be conducted offline, and the medium of instruction will be English or Kannada, depending on the candidate’s preference. It’s important to note that there is no negative marking in KCET, so it is advisable to attempt all the questions.

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Kcet 2024 Preparation Chapter Wise Weightage

Preparation Strategies

Preparing for KCET requires a systematic and disciplined approach. Here are some effective strategies to help you ace the exam:

1. Understand the Syllabus

Start by thoroughly understanding the KCET syllabus. Divide it into smaller sections and create a study plan accordingly. Focus on the topics with higher weight, but don’t ignore the others entirely.

2. Study Material and Resources

Refer to the recommended textbooks and study materials provided by experts. Make use of online resources, such as video lectures, practice tests, and previous year question papers, to enhance your understanding and improve your problem-solving skills.

3. Practice Regularly

Consistent practice is the key to success in KCET. Solve a variety of questions from each chapter to gain a better understanding of the concepts. Allocate specific time slots for practicing mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy.

4. Time Management

Time management plays a crucial role in any competitive exam. Practice solving questions within the given time limit to improve your speed. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and allocate time accordingly during the actual exam.

5. Revision and Mock Tests

Regular revision is essential to retaining what you have learned. Set aside dedicated time for revision, focusing on important topics and formulas. Take mock tests to assess your preparation level and identify areas that need improvement.

6. Stay Healthy and Positive

While preparing for KCET, it’s important to take care of your physical and mental well-being. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, and exercise regularly. Maintain a positive mindset and stay motivated throughout your preparation journey.

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KCET 2024 is a highly competitive exam, and thorough preparation is essential to securing a good rank. Understanding the chapter-wise weightage, familiarizing yourself with the exam details, and following effective preparation strategies can significantly improve your chances of success. Stay focused, work hard, and believe in yourself. Good luck!

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